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Avast 2020: a brief antivirus overview

This is Avast review 2020 the free version of antivirus from Avast and its latest update in the last year. Avast Free Antivirus provides users with operational protection against ransomware viruses, the ability to make secure online payments without additional load on the operating system.

An interesting product is Internet protection: it supports up to 10 devices, has a VPN and provides protection against any threats on the Internet, including various fake sites and ransomware. The trial version works for 30 days.

Latest Relevant Properties

  • Completely redesigned user interface.
  • The new proactive Behavior Screen component that Avast inherited from AVG.
  • Game mode, automatically evaluating the performance of the game, pausing all unnecessary notifications and processes during the game.
  • The free version of the antivirus upon activation no longer requires an email address.
  • Performance improvement.
  • Improved Wi-Fi Inspector, formerly called Home Network Security.
  • Improved interface and browser integration of the Passwords component.
  • Phishing protection now works without a browser extension
  • Improved threat detection
  • Quarantine moved to the Protection tab
  • Optimization for AMD Ryzen processors
  • Added credit card support in the Passwords module

Antivirus Setup

Now let’s go over the important settings of Avast 2017 Free. In the main window of the program, click “Settings” (without me you would not have guessed).

Pay attention to the sequence for configuring this antivirus.

  • General tab Check the box “Search for potentially unwanted programs.”
  • Here, we go down to the item “Confidentiality”, open it and remove at least the second checkmark.
  • “Participate in the provision of data.”
  • “Components” – “File system screen” – “Settings” – “Scan on opening”. With a sufficiently powerful computer and sufficiently strong paranoia, check the box “Scan all files”.
  • “Components” – “Web Screen” – “Settings” – “Basic Settings”. Check the box “Warn me when downloading files with a bad reputation.” On the “Sensitivity” tab, raise the heuristic to “High”.

Advanced settings for beginners

  • “General” tab, turn on “Advanced mode”. Though moderate, even aggressive.
  • “Components” – “Behavior Screen” – “Settings” – “Basic Settings”. We put “Automatically move detected threats to quarantine.”

Advantages and Disadvantages

Rarely, a free product provides complete protection for your computer, and Avast is one of these exceptions. Simple and concise interface, the presence of game mode, comprehensive protection for the average user – Avast is positioned as the best free antivirus. There is an extended paid version.

The new version of Avast Free also has disadvantages. First of all, this is a bug even at the level of the graphic shell: the main window takes a long time to load, help sometimes does not load at all, after which the antivirus window generally freezes.

Many antivirus users are not willing to pay to ensure the security of their computers and the information that is stored on them. Avast offers the free Avast Free Antivirus for these categories of users. In other words, this product is intended only for private users and their home computers. Despite this, Avast practically does not limit the possibilities of users of its free product, offering a wide selection of protection tools. By installing Avast Free Antivirus, you can be sure of protecting data from malicious programs that can come to your computer through any channel.