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Avast internet security review

Avast is a cybersecurity software company that researches and develops computer security software, artificial intelligence, and machine learning. On review, it has the largest market share among internet anti-malware application vendors and touts itself as “free antivirus protection that never quits.”

Avast has Free Antivirus, Pro Antivirus and Internet security (which is recommended for malware detection, Wi-Fi protection, and multi-device safety) and a Virtual Private Network (VPN) called Avast SecureLine. However, in this article, we are giving a thorough avast internet security review. But first, what are its advantages and disadvantages?

Advantages of Avast Internet Security

Avast has arguably the most impressive firewall (software that gives protection from unauthorized access) on both its limited-free and paid version, unlike most other Internet Security software which only has a functional paid version.

Avast internet security is compatible with both Windows and Mac OS, making it an excellent choice for phones, computers, Mac Books, and tablets.

There is a unique quarantine feature for suspicious applications and pages called a sandbox. This feature restricts such application’s access to the user’s file till the application has been cleared.

Disadvantages of Avast Internet Security

First-timers usually find it hard initially to understand the complex interface of the application compared to the simpler interfaces of other Internet Security applications.

The paid version is much more expensive, especially compared to closest rival Norton security.

Scans are observed to be quite slow, and the application can only be used after Windows starts and is loaded completely

Some features on the application would need downloading Google Chrome web browser to be able to access such security features correctly.

Extra payment may be required for technical support.

How to install Avast Internet Security

Avast Internet security has both the limited-free version and paid version. These versions are gotten together as the free version runs its course first. There are two ways to install it; regular or custom installation.

Regular installation

The user has to make sure no other anti-virus software is running on said device.

Avast Internet Security setup file can then be downloaded and saved in a familiar enough location.

After download, the file is then opened and Run as administrator is selected in its dropbox

The user would then give permission to User Account Control, enabling Avast to make changes on the user’s system.

The installation then occurs, and internet security protection begins.

Whenever a network is detected, the user would choose between Private network (if the user trusts that particular network) Or Public network (if it’s a shared network, e.g. Wi-Fi at a café)

The device may need to be restarted to allow all the components to function fully.

Custom installation

The major difference between the two types of installation occurs in step 5. In the custom installation, after enabling User Account Control in step 4, the user then has to select the preferred location to save Avast Internet Security manually and then select/deselect program components to install before clicking “Install.” After this step, the rest of the installation process continues as the regular installation from step 6.

To Wrap It Up

Avast Internet Security still has much more positive reviews to negative ones. This is due foremost to its impressive firewall, which should clearly be its most important component. Avast Internet security has a loyal following that believes it is the gold standard in Internet Security and also that the protection provided is definitely worth the price.