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AVG Secure VPN – Is It Effective?

As offenders prefer using the most crowded places for their dirty job due to better hiding opportunities, a similar phenomenon can be noticed with the digital networks. In such conditions, protection of privacy is an inevitable part of every participant of the global community. So, the demand for VPN services is a natural process, and users should understand the basic elements of such methods, at least.

Currently, many antivirus companies expand the possibilities of their products to the regarded sphere. However, not all leading antivirus firms present reliable VPN services, and many of them rely on the noticeable brand name more than on the characteristics. This AVG Secure VPN review is dedicated to making a concluding decision about this product. You can read more on VPNServicePro.com.

What is a VPN?

Virtual Private Network (VPN) is the specific method of protecting information about the user. Such services are like an intermediary, which are using data encryption and tunneling protocols for changing authentication logic and information. Thus, if one wants to visit a website, it will “ask” for this a VPN provider via specific encryption methods, and the needed web page will see information only about a virtual server, but not about the user. So, VPNs change the IP-address (basic information about the internet user), and no data about the network consumer is available for a suspicious person.

Advantages of AVG Secure VPN

  1. Reliable protection. AVG uses AES-256 bit encryption, which is compared to the military level. OpenVPN Support only facilitates the overall safety.
  2. Flexible Support. The issues with security require immediate actions, so AVG provides 24/7 telephone support.
  3. Trial and Moneyback. One should have a possibility of the product before buying it. Seven-day free trial and 30-day money-back guarantee are available for AVG’s VPN.
  4. Compatibility. The ability to connect up to five devices at the same time is a rather useful feature for family usage.
  5. Regular improving. Every famous brand tries to develop its products for building reliable relations with customers, so AVG is obliged to improve their VPN service.
  6. User Interface. Even those who have never used VPN for protection will be surprised by the ease of usage of this product.

Disadvantages of AVG Secure VPN

  • Limited Number of Servers. The best VPNs usually suggest to their customers more than 50 countries with about 100 servers for usage, while AVG presents about twice fewer opportunities.
  • Logs saving. This service is saving your activity in the remote journal for 30 days, but even such an approach is not a full guarantee of anonymity.
  • Lack of the kill-switch button. If the internet connection crashes, the customer will not have a quick possibility to close needed tabs and applications.
  • Even though the price of this VPN is about $6 a month, that is not the cheapest offer on the market.

Overall Impression

AVG secure product is a mid-range VPN that provides not a full range of possible services. Thus, the quality of protection is OK due to the military level of encryption, while the company also tries to improve its additional (antivirus still the primary product) service to protect their good brand-name in the digital security world. Also, the AVG Secure VPN application has a nice and stylish interface with the clear placing of needed buttons like turn on and turn off, while open access to the content directories like Netflix and YouTube is definitely a big plus.

The quality of work and the degree of protection are generally sufficient for those who use a VPN for basic security, but drawbacks are facilitated by an automatic saving of logs, which makes your connection not fully anonymous. The issue of price is also a negative side as the usage of multiple devices and operating systems simultaneously makes the stated above price even higher. All this with a smaller number of servers compared to competitors makes AVG Secure VPN not the best choice on the market.