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Best antivirus windows 10

When your device is connected to the web all the time then there are lots of chances of being hacked and getting a virus. Today it is not a big deal to hack one’s device or to send virus with an intention to screw him over. Even a school kid can do so with some tech skills. So the point is, your device is always vulnerable to intruders which means you have to protect it by taking appropriate measure. Now your next question would be what are those measures? Well, the best way to protect your device is to use a good antivirus. The capability of antiviruses depends greatly on the version of windows. It means if you are using windows 10 then you have to use the antivirus which is compatible with it.

If you don’t have much knowledge about best antivirus for windows 10 then don’t worry because we have made a small list for you which can help you in your search. So let’s begin.

Our first option is super anti-spyware. Now when you are downloading it, make sure you download it from its official website.  Once you open its home page you will see various options. There will be a portable version, educational/enterprise licensing, professional edition with a free trial and a free edition.  Now it’s up to you which one you want to choose. If you are looking for something free then you better choose the free edition. Its installation will need no more than a few seconds. After installation it’s icon will appear on the screen. It’s good to check for latest updates regularly as it increases its capability to guard. Once the updates are done you can scan your entire pc or can even choose specific files. The best thing about this antivirus is that it allows you to use your device while it’s doing its work silently.

Second best antivirus which you can install for windows 10 is Avast. Avast can protect your device and there is also an extension which can be installed or edit to your browser. The extension can protect you from malicious websites while you are surfing. Like super anti-spyware, you should also download it from its official websites. Actually, by downloading from official sources you will minimize the chances of being trapped.  Avast gives you the possibility that you don’t have to do anything manually. It will do everything for you automatically from start to end. It relies on your internet for its updates. So make sure you allow it through your firewall.

Our third pick for you is Avira antivirus. Now before we jump into its perks there is one thing you need to know about it. This antivirus requires at least 4GB RAM so if you have it only then go for it otherwise try something else.

This was a small list we had compiled for you. Once you search you will find plenty of other options but these are the best among all.