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Door For Dogs: How to Choose

Each country house has doors for cats and dogs of different sizes and types. Such a device is very convenient when a person lives in a private house, has pets and allows them to walk on the street. Such openings allow animals to go out for needs or a walk when they want, and not only when the owner of the house. They are easy to find on the market in various sizes and types. For example, pay attention to the sliding glass dog door from Amazon.

With this accessory in the gate, the pets will not need constant human help but will be able to behave more freely.

Varieties of Dog Doors

Doors for dogs at the door come in many different types. There are open models, with a closing hole on the dampers, springs or the remote control. The simplest type of damper is based on a self-closing mechanism. The pet passed, and the small door itself closed. They are often equipped with additional magnetic devices. This allows you to keep the flap in strong winds and keep the passage closed while the four-legged friend walks. The dampers are made of different materials – plastic, rubber, acrylic, and plexiglass.

There are also products with a locking device, which allows you to close the opening from the inside by connecting a special plate. Designs are large and small, suitable for any breed of dog and cat. For the safety of the pet, they are made from soft materials, such as vinyl. There are plastic models, but they are not suitable for large and fixed animals, so it is better to take softer options. There are even models with a software key, which will help to further protect the animal from leaving.

Selection and Installation Tips

Standard products have a rectangular plate made of plastic, rubber or metal; they are attached to the metal base with hinges. A similar product is installed in the opening in the wall or the door. Doors for dogs and wooden gates are installed. But with metal and glass options you need to be more careful, and it is better to pre-order a special product with a finished cutout for the animal.

What to Consider When Choosing Such Devices

To know how to choose a product, you should consult with your friends and read reviews on the Internet. First of all, it is recommended to decide where the door of the animal is missing. She lets him out into the toilet, into another room. Depending on this, the design and protective mechanisms will differ. To establish a hole between rooms, primitive devices are recommended. For the front door, it is better to choose models with a well-closing slot, so that the animal could not arbitrarily go out.

The doors to the bottom of the street should also be slammed shut so that in cool weather rain, foliage or snow do not fall into the house. You can also put a special mat for the four-legged friend at the entrance, which will mean his place. A lot of closing and opening mechanisms have now been invented. There are models with magnets, there are electronic ones with sensors, and much more. Best of all, when the pet will be able to go outside when connecting the code on the door with a special key, which will be, for example, on the collar.

Take Into Account the Size of the Dog

Do not forget about the size of the animal. It should be convenient for a friend to walk in the hole, there should be no open corners, uneven surfaces or hooks so that the dog or cat does not injure themselves. Options for small dog breeds may be appropriate for cats.

But for big furry friends, you need strong and massive designs. The price category of products also depends on this parameter. The more materials are used in the doors for dogs, the higher is its cost only if the raw materials were not of poor quality