DriverFix review: Update your drivers yourself

Drivers are part of the PC software that controls a certain hardware component, they play an important role in the performance of the computer, so if there is an error in it is often worth paying attention to the integrity of the drivers. In time to update drivers and fix their failure you will help DriverFix, this application practically itself does all the work so you do not waste time on fixing errors manually, and in this article, we will conduct its detailed review. 

DriverFix: how does it work? 

Keeping track of driver updates is really hard, it often happens when people have bought something like a phone, monitor, or keyboard and it refuses to work. Usually, this happens because the drivers are outdated and you have to update them manually. And here begins the most interesting thing, because when you enter the model of the purchased equipment on the official website of the developer you can get confused and download the version of the drivers that you do not need or that does not suit your system. 

That’s why users need applications like DriverFix. It works like a scanner and analyzes your system for broken or outdated drivers and with its large-scale online libraries of over 18 million driver files it gives you the ability to find exactly what you need. 

After your confirmation to download drivers, the application automatically installs them on your system.

Features of DriverFix

DriverFix has the following useful features:

  • Fast scan – right after installing driverfixit immediately scans your drivers, so it will find all the drivers on your PC and outdated versions that need to be updated. The whole process takes only a few minutes
  • Detailed reports- Immediately after scanning, the application gives you detailed reports on the drivers on your PC. There you can find data such as version number, release date, etc. There you can find the version number, release date, etc. This will also include any updates for any drivers that might need them
  • Huge driver database -as we mentioned before driverfix has a very large driver database and if any new driver updates are available on the net the program will automatically upload them to its library, this way you will save your time searching for the necessary update on different developer sites
  • Direct Download – this feature makes the download process easier by allowing you to download the update files directly from the application itself
  • Mass Downloads- Instead of installing drivers one by one you can download them all at once
  • Driver Backup – automatically backups your drivers before you decide to update them because in case of an error you can easily revert back to the original state
  • Schedule Manager – with the schedule function you can decide when you want a certain function to run. Create schedules ahead of time so that the program does all the work for you